Thursday, January 28, 2010

Accoustic Minimal...!
Actually the first time i really enjoy a
Sub-Genre of Cologne Minimal.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is the first track of the forthcoming Caribou Album "Swim" - out on City Slang in April.
After releasing "Andorra" 2 years ago - a beautifully soft listening album - Caribou is back with a lot more leftfield beats.
This is one of the records i am really looking forward to this year ´cause it seems to take indie electronics, BECK beats and pop melodies to a new level.

If you love Hot Chip and Fujiya & Miyagi you got to check this out...!

Caribou - Odessa

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Directed by Artificial Army. Jessie Evans & Toby Dammit land in their space craft on the Sun to encounter a resplendent kingdom inhabited by a bewitching Sun Goddess (Kitty Diggins) and her Bacchanalian solar handmaidens, to experience a luscious writhing feast of flesh, irresistible vice, and the scorching, cruel side of desire.

Check it out.. i posted the mp3 before... such a great track!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

VOODOOHOP / 16.01.2010 / SP CENTRO !

VOODOOHOP na Associação Brasileira de Empresários de Diversões

Daniel Hunt (Liverpool)
Integrante do projeto Ladytron. Daniel tem como principais referências Giorgio Moroder, Nancy Sinatra e música francesas dos anos 70; e que adora Bonde do Rolê e Tetine.

Say Hooo! (Bungalow/Berlin)
One part of berlin.s indie electro-discopunk dj team "le hammond inferno" runs the berlin based pop label bungalow records which released loads of records since the mid 90ies. electro, club pop, japanese shibuya pop and loads of indie pop bands

Thomash (Voodoohop)
Formado em inteligencia artifical na escocia ele deixou a vida academica e comecou o projeto voodoohop em sao paulo. ele percebeu uma falta de liberdade e ecletismo na noite paulistana e resolveu de mudar isso.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What could be better than starting into 2010 listening to the second radio mix by dj supermarkt (marcus / le hammond inferno / bungalow!) digging deep in the LA´s 70ies Softrock Disco.

Here´s what Rough Trade says...:
the la softrockers return, but find out they are 'too slow to disco' yet. the california singer / songwriter suddenly got attracted to rhythm and slowly start to move their feet. this mix captures them shortly before going completly disco! this time we find: an ex-monkee rapping, a weird erotic christmas song by georgie fame, the 70s 'super-studio-group' the attitudes, who played on thousands of records, and commercial breaks by frank zappa, jefferson airplane, spliff (the nina hagen band), plus lots more other forgotten diamonds. enjoy and take the trip.

1. intro
2. ned doheny - give it up for love
3. alessi brothers - do you feel it
commercial break with frank zappa
4. vapour trails - do the bossa nova
5. david batteau - spaceship earth
6. rupert holmes - deco lady
7. ben sidran - hi-fly
8. john s. hall & kramer - garbage party
9. the attitudes - sweet summer music
10. sanford & townsend band - does it have to be you (supermarkt edit)
11. intro side 2 with gilbert o'sullivan
12. rickie lee jones - chuck e.'s in love
13. georgie fame - ho ho ho
14. carole king - bitter with the sweet
15. michael nesmith - capsule
commercial break: levi's with jefferson airplane
16. valerie carter - crazy
commercial break: wysocki college with spliff
17. ali thomson - take a little rhythm
18. paul davis - too slow to disco
19. monkees - zilch