Wednesday, September 29, 2010

finishing last weekend - the exhibition in Sao Paulo has been such a cool event - thanks to all the artists involved! 
we had incredible live performances by Jessie Evans and Kissogram, Dj Sets by Shir Khan and Thomash plus live painting and exhibitions by Jim Avignon, Mia Gideon and Roman Klonek, 4000, Fehmi Baumbach, Dasha Rychkova, Dea Lellis, Lucas Coletto, Daniel Caballero, Selene Algas and Codigo 11. 

thanks for supporting go out hiphopmässig to Jana & Simone at Goethe Institut SP, Roberta & Rudney at MCD, Tony at VICE Brasil, Peter at Dinoconcept, Alan & Pat for taking care of all the artists and everybody involved at the Serralheria for making this happen. check the fotos by - come to sao paulo!

Monday, September 13, 2010


starting  friday 24.09 - blinddate berlin brings berlin artists, bands and djs to brasil who will meet up and colaborate with sao paulo artists. for more information check

Jim Avignon / 4000 / Fehmi Baumbach / Mia Gideon / Roman Klonek / Dasha Rychkova / Dea Lellis / Daniel Calballeiro / Lucas Coletto / Selene Alge / Jessie Evans / Kissogram / Dj Shir Khan / Dj Thomash / Codigo11

24 de setembro, das 19:00h às 01:00h
Exposiçao & amp; Live painting com os artistas envolvidos
Live : Jessie Evans
DJ Thomash

25 de setembro, das 16:00h às 01:00h
Exposiçao & amp; Live painting com os artistas envolvidos
Live: Kissogram
DJ Shir Khan

Dia 26 de setembro, das 16:00h às 22:00h
Exposição dos artistas envolvidos
Apresentação dos finalistas do Blind Date Music Contest
Local: Serralheria / Rua Guaicurus 857, Lapa
A entrada é franca nos três dias, sujeita à lotação máxima da casa