Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is the coolest pop track so far in 2009... !
BMX from Queensland / Australia just did this unbelievable remix for Cassette Kids,
if you don´t start to dance immediatly on this one - something is wrong....  quite sure that this will hit my top 10 in the end of the year...! You can´t stop us from dancing!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Clicking on a PES film is to open a safe and suddenly see a million ideas glittering and exploding" 

...this is what Michel Gondry says about PES, Animation Filmmaker from Harlem / New York....  and PEZ definetly is one of these directors with the weirdest ideas and the most amazing choice of objects to be used in his Stopmotion Short movies.  "Western Spaghetti" has just been selected for Sundance, the Time Magazin named it the second best Viral of the Year!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jessy Bulbo from Mexico City has just been releasing her second album on the ultracool art label NUEVOS RICOS. The Album has been produced by Martin Thulin (Los Fancy Free) who is just turning into one of the best indie producers of DF.

On her first record Jessy already had 2 amazing hits -  Maldito and El Sexo Sin Amor - now on the new one called TARAS BULBO i really fell in love with one of the noisy tracks called La Experiencia Citrica. really fun turning this into an electro track!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I know there are millions of new stuff to post, some of them brilliant, and I should be posting some of these new stuff. Maybe next time...
Today's post is about a guy that, in my opinion, is the best musician of the alternative scene. Also, he has been releasing fantastic albums, one after the other.
Andrew Bird graduated in violin performance, and also plays guitar, glockenspiel, mandolin AND whistles. All of them brilliantly. By now you should be able to tell he is part of that 'baroque' team, that includes Joanna Newson and Fleet Foxes.

In 2007 he released his album Armchair Apocrypha, which is one of these albums that I HAVE TO listen to at least once every two or three days. Filled with a mix of nostalgic and melancholic mood, it carries you from song 1 to 12 smoothly, without that urge to skip a track. Bird uses his proficiency in violin, glockenspiel and whistling to create elaborated, yet conforting and warming melodies. And as opposed to many other violin players, he isn't annoying at all.
That makes Armchair Apocrypha one of my favourite albums of the last years.

Now he returns with a new album, Noble Beast, that's due to be released on the 20th of January on the US and on the 2nd of February on the UK. I am waiting for it eagerly, and as soon as I have listened to it properly, I will write something about it here. Until then, I leave you with a track of the brillian Armchair Apocrypha.


It started as a joke. My ex-wife was extremely passionate about her yoga practice. As a gag for her birthday I made each of us a fuck yoga t-shirt. She refused to wear hers. I wore mine for thirty-nine straight days and was stopped everywhere I went. A write up in The New York Observer and a photo in GQ Magazine got it rolling. An appearance on Sex and the City made it interesting. The first on-line sale came from two brothers in Bogotá, Colombia and the second from a cheerleader in Grand Island, Nebraska. Since then we’ve filled in a lot of the map. Jackie Gleason didn’t do yoga, either did Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt or any Pope ever. 

Yoga has survived for thousands of years and will survive for thousands more. It’s just that it has gone unopposed for too damn long.

Barnaby Harris
Founder fuck yoga

Thursday, January 15, 2009


The first time i saw Jessie Evans live a year ago in Berlins 103 Club, supported by the incredible Namosh. What an amazing show! Her sound is a weired mix of punk funk, afro beat, mexican 60ies and punk jazz which makes people immediately start to dance, even if they never heared one of her tracks before. On stage it´s just her playing saxophone and singing plus the AMAZING Toby Dammit on drums.... !  and that´s not just drums - Toby Dammit is the ultimate drum stylist! One drumstick in his left hand, 2 cabassas in his right hand - he could have been in a band with Yma Sumac, Perez Prado or Les Baxter before he teamed up with Jessie!

Her upcoming album IS IT FIRE has been recorded between Berlin and Mexico (mixed and co-produced by Pepe Mogt / Nortec Collective) with guest musicians like Martin Wenk / Calexico and Namosh.

This is amazingly fresh and surprising music you can dance to! Where Hercules and Love Affair have a bit more Disco - Jessie Evans has more Punk Funk. It´s her attitude which makes the difference. There is nobody like her. The only cool reference would be 80ies no disco & no wave bands like The Slits or Pigbag, who mixed afro beat and brazilian maracatu with rough dance beats.... but what could be better than that? 

so check it out, its amazing.... ! 
can´t wait to hear the new Jessie Evans album - should be out pretty soon! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hoje a cena alternativa londrina perde um dos seus maiores patrimônios: O Astoria, uma das casas de show mais características de Londres, fecha suas portas pela última vez.
Nas últimas décadas, o Astoria foi um ponto de referência na cena. O ritual de passagem de uma banda 'mais ou menos grande' para uma banda grande incluía, sem exceções, um show 'sold out' na casa. Fora isso, vários artistas escolheram lá para shows especiais, gravações de dvds, videos, discos, shows secretos... O Blur fez uma residência de 5 dias consecutivos em 2003, o Radiohead gravou o VHS
Live at the Astoria em 1994 e até os Rolling Stones fizeram um show secreto lá, em 2003.

Ontem foi a última noite do Astoria, com o
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly tocando no 'Baile da Demolição', e hoje o Astoria 2 fecha com a sua festa semanal PUSH, com show do Cajun Dance Party e do Good Shoes. Depois disso, o teatro vai ser demolido para dar lugar à 'tão esperada' rota de trem east-west.
Festival Republic, atual dona do Astoria, diz que em um futuro próximo abrirão um substituto para o Astoria, mas com capacidade bem menor. Fora isso, nenhuma outra informação ou projeto por parte deles. Já da parte dos novos donos do espaço, a partir de 2017 a estação de Tottenham Court Road se ligará com a linha east-west, e terá uma area de bilheteria 6 vezes maior do que o atual. Útil, não?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hailing from Sao Paulo are the brilliant Database, remixing the first single "Klapprad" of Pat C´s brandnew Album "Pode C", which is just been released in Brasil.  ... boooming basslines on electro beats just transform the original Poptrack into a edbangbangbang dancefloorbomb for all these new and hip Sao Paulo nights at Vegas, D-Edge and Gloria... alongside acts like Bo$$ in Drama, Frabricio Martinelli, Killer on the Dancefloor and Bonde do Role the 2 boys from Database just run the best Party nights in Sao Paulo at the moment. They´ve just been asked to put out their first 12inch vinyl on Southern Fried in the UK.

The second remix is by SiriusMo from Berlin. He´s been remixing Klapprad a while ago already - really poppy in the beginning - getting wilder soon - dropping a distorted bass on top of super catchy synthi keylines! SiriusMo has been remixing Yelle, Simian Mobile Disco and Modeselektor, on bungalow we´ve been releasing 2 12inches with Dana singing (Meine Welt / Wat bessret vor). of the best upcoming electro kids in 2009 - wait for the album - far cooler than Calvin Harris..!

Pat C - Klapprad (Database Remix)

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Incrivel o trabalho feito para o ultimo music video de Fujiya & Miyagi surpreendentemente feito inteiramente com os efeitos
" in camera " em tempos de heavy post production , nada como ver algo feito em old style - pra variar ... "
premiered on / directed by Wade Shotter / DrawPictures