Saturday, June 19, 2010


just recently Banksy painted over an original 80ies piece by londons oldschool grafitti legend Robbo.

" was probably the oldest piece still standing, which was from the 80s and it was from acompletely different era. It might have been tagged and bombed but it was still a part of history, whether it was mine or not."

incredible story - according to Robbo grafitti superstar banksy did this just for getting shitloads of press and people start talking about him again.

check the photos - you find the full interview with robbo on juxtapoz!


banksy on robbo

robbo on banksy on robbo

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just released - the debut album of Brooklyns indie band The Drums!
really like their style... already fell in love with "Let´s Go Surfing" which came out last year,
check out the video... will start listening to their album now for the next couple of weeks!

here´s what the rough trade shop says...:

the drums have a fresh, sparkling blend of '80s pop (reminiscent of a simpler stone roses) and '50s / '60s surf / beach style with a dreamy, but not overdone, reverb that swims throughout the whole album. the quartet pump out spiky post-punk jams spiced up with whistling, schoolyard chants, eighties synths and so much joyous hand clapping, you'd think you were at a high school pep rally. each track is a golden pop nugget with energy that is explosive. the hooks are simple and obvious, yet each song sounds so fresh and perfect.

this is about having fun;
this is about falling in love;
this is about falling out of love;
this is about wanting to fall back into love,
but always remember, this is about having fun.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

stunning video for one of the best tracks so far in 2010 - breakbot album on the way, cant wait to hear it all....